John Mayer and Jessica Simpson Once Again Joined at Their Personal Level of Mediocrity

Jessica Simpson is celebrating the tanking of her newest album by taking up with that walking episode of “Dawson’s Creek” again.

Aftera false start, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are giving dating a try again. The couple met up for an hour-long lunch at Paradise Cove Beach Café in Malibu, California, on November 12.

“She didn’t eat much,” a witness says. “She drank double vodka cranberries. When they got up, Jessica was rubbing his back. You could definitely tell they were on a date.”

Adds a Mayer source, “It’s a flirtation. I wouldn’t call it full-on dating, but there is a fondness. He doesn’t like the attention, but he likes her. He wants to avoid the public scrutiny of last time.”

Didn’t he publicly humiliate her last time when she told everyone they were dating? Remember when he did the PR version of “actually, dude, I’m just banging her. But shit, that bitch is clingy.”? Honestly, she doesn’t seem that sharp but she must know what the score is and just wants some D. I think that’s what the vodka was for. That way she wouldn’t have to hear him blather on about his music and what a laid-back funny guy he is. Ugh. My ex-roommate and I used to sit on our dirty couch and watch him pop up on any of VH-1’s talking head shows and immediately start hissing. Nothing is worse than a guy still stuck in college in his head, and trying to be Vince Vaughn with a guitar.

Written by J. Harvey

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