John Mayer is Eric Roberts

John Mayer is always up to goofy antics. If he’s not running around with his ass out, he’s hamming it up with his self-aware self to TMZ videographers or, as you see here, he’s pretending to be Eric Roberts. The singer was leaving the Dan Tannas restaurant when an excited fan asked John if he’d sign what looks to be an unassembled bit from a piece of Ikea furniture. And he couldn’t be happier!

I can’t tell if the guy is just excited to see John Mayer and be in a picture with him, or if he genuinely thinks it’s hilarious that John is signing off as Eric Roberts. I feel it might be the latter and I only say this because the guy is rocking a trucker hat.

Also, when did John start wearing so many gold necklaces? And getting all tan? What’s going on? Does he want to become a Latin heartthrob?

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN