John Mayer Sports a Borat-Style, Butt-Floss Bathing Suit

February 5th, 2008 // 11 Comments

John Mayer recently gave a performance on board a cruise, aptly named, “The Mayercraft Carrier,” which was a 3-day Caribbean cruise that left from Miami, FL on February 1, 2008 and heads to Freeport, Bahamas with John Mayer on board for the entire trip.

Guests on board were treated to performances by the soft rocker, as well as him sunbathing on deck in a neon-green super-Speedo that resembles the preferred swim wear of a certain reporter from Kazakhstan.

I’m not a huge John Mayer fan by any means, but I do have to give the guy credit for being goofy enough to run around in this get-up. He’s just lucky that thing didn’t catch on a nail or something, while he was jogging past. Check out the full view after the jump. Might be NSFW.

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Video and some more bare John Mayer ass from the Cruise is after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Queen Caffeine

    Nice buns.

  2. stolidog

    I hope he puts that up for sale on Ebay!

  3. kelly

    Damn it… Where is the front view shot…

  4. Nanc'

    I don’t want to see ANY man in one of those body-thong things,least of all, HIM.

  5. Alexis

    Seems to me that this guy will do anything for a little attention. It’s just too bad that he always winds up being only a passable imitation of a greater original: Jimi, Stevie, and now Borat.

  6. hailsyeah

    John Mayer has not by any means been what he used to be to me, especially after dating Chicken Head of The Sea J.Simps buuuuuuut I’ll admit, he has a very grabbable looking rear end. sigh.

  7. Juanita


  8. BB

    John Mayer is one of the RARE entertainers of his time who is TRULY talented. He is VERY intelligent and loves thinking things through, and seeks for deeper understanding. He hates “cliche” thinking that keeps us stagnant and stuck, as human beings, with growth occurring at a snail’s pace. He aspires to achieve brilliance.

    AND he balances his seriousness by being funny and sometimes silly. From proclaiming himself as being a “douchebag”, to the TMZ vultures, to making fun of the dateless paparazzi, who are hovering about him, asking him about his dates. To now prancing around in Borat’s funny parody of swimsuit. As a gay man, all I can say is THANKS for showing us your cute butt. Show us more, and more often.

  9. erin

    He needs a tan.

  10. Venus

    YUMM!!!! Gorgeous and funny

  11. wendy

    that is so gross! no one wants to see his pasty ass nor his pubic hair that is visble from the side. andgofy. more like a pervert!
    I cant stand this guy, hes ugly, he cant sing and his music sucks!

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