Props to John Mayer for embracing truth. Check out this video where he admits that he’s “insufferable” and a “douchebag” after he spent some time Googling himself. Well, yeah. In fact, he sorta just stole my thunder. He sounds deadly serious about it, too. He should. If every celebrity did this, I’d be out of a damn job. That’s scary. True confessions AND he looks kinda hot in these pics below. I’m complimenting John Mayer. Someone take my keys.

P.S. Ladies who were unaware that John likes dudes also have a reason to detest his ass. He just topped “In Touch Weekly”‘s list of celebrity commitment-phobes. Because gay guys don’t commit to vaginas no matter how much a publicist begs and pleads. “I’ll take her out for three months and that’s it. And you need to get me a better suite at the Bel Air. Juan and Lyle think the air conditioning sucks in there.”

Photos: WENN

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