John Mayer Takes A Break From Jennifer Aniston

May 29th, 2008 // 12 Comments

The allegedly hugely hung John Mayer, who has recently been spending the majority of his time with bitter actress Jennifer Aniston, is seen here boogie boarding in Hawaii. He enjoyed the surf at the beach outside of his hotel, and took some time to show off his douche tats. How come he didn’t invite Aniston? Why wasn’t she allowed to come? What – she isn’t good enough? So you had to listen to stories about how Brad and Angie destroyed her life! You have to make sacrifices to be with a woman of such caliber! Fine, go to Hawaii! See if she cares!

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

More photos of a shirtless John Mayer after the jump.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

By J. Harvey

  1. ildflower509

    Awww, leave the love birds alone. People are sick and tired of the rags constantly bringing up the long dead “triangle”. All the participants have moved on, so you pap’s might need to get with it and move on also. Besides, Angie Jo did Jennifer Aniston a favor taking Grampa Pitt off her hands. Haven’t you read the latest on that insane pairing in the rags?….Nut House

  2. incognegro

    I used to be a fan of B.Pitt, but i lost a lot of respect for him due to his infidelity. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that he’s having illegitimate kids with A-J, the problem is he’s unstable in relationships. I read about a number of women he’s dated in the past including african-american actress Robin Givens, G. Paltrow, and they’ve all been short lived relationships. I was surprised when he married J-A. She at least broke a record with him and made it to the altar. He dated her for 2 yrs, husband for 5.5 yrs before becoming her wusband (was husband). I’m curious to know how long he and AJ’s going to last giving the circumstances by which they became an item. Perhaps AJ just might break JA’s record giving to the fact that she’s breeding his babies. What a horrible mess that’d be if those two broke up! Couldn’t even begin to imagine what will become of those kids, especially the adopted ones. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait to find out. Hope they make it for the kids sake. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell did it sans the dozen babies but nevertheless they’re still going strong so BP and AJ just might survive this. I wish them the best.

  3. lol

    What a stupid post. Jennifer Aniston was working and he also was there for a consert. They are together for a short while and he already has gone after her in Miami a couple of times but they are not married lol
    Leave them alone.

  4. Joe

    Is the blogger bitter much?

    Why are people so pissed to see Aniston enjoy herself? She’s the only one that has kept quiet about the whole Jolie-Pitt mess yet, this site is constantly referring to her “pitty (no punt intended)ways.

  5. Sam

    The triangle has been over for three years. Jen
    hasn’t mentioned it for years. She can have
    fun the same as anyone else in the world. You
    don’t have to marry everyone you go out with.
    Brad isn’t all that great. Look at the poor
    old man, Angelina totally controls him and it
    is wearing him out. By cheating he really did
    Jen a favor.

  6. Alek

    I hope Jennifer’s has had her penicillin booster shot if she really is partaking of this publicity man-ho.

  7. i wish Maniston fans would just move on. Brad clearly has. it’s silly to keep harping on that old story. Brad has moved on and now has a new family. c’mon even if you hate him, just let it go people.

    as for Maniston, her fling with John is not gonna last. they are both way too narcissistic. i think her heart is gonna get broken on this one. not to mention more public humiliation. ouch.

  8. Ugh

    Jealous much? I’m so sick of this Jen, Brad, and Ho triangle. It’s been long enough. They’ve moved on, so should sites like this.

  9. T-Bone

    Jennifer Aniston strikes me as honest and nice, but certainly not bitter. She’s a highly successful, physically fit, attractive millionaire who has the world by the proverbial b*alls. Critical acclaim doesn’t even matter, at this point. She’s like a Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz sort of actress. They get to have fun and make millions without taking themselves too seriously. I’d take her life over Angelina and Brad’s any day of the week.

  10. sasa

    Jen is revenge orientated, it comes from her mother and growing up in a single parent house where her mother hated her father : her publicist and manager manufactured a strng of “relationships” for the public (while the reality of her personal life that people are more interested in than her screen performances is kept private). By doing this they can control media perception of her career without Jen being on a public emotional rollercoaster. SO that is why you get this overt romance stories (flowers, massages, breakfast in bed etc…with Mayer they basically met once and immediately acted like a couple because it was acting) and then the publicist follows up with planted stories of willy size (Brad was laughed at in the press for his nude photos) and the now redundant “better in bed than Brad” stories. They issued EXACTLY the same stories for Vaughn, Sculfor etc… who were also hired for this public performance. The goal for them was to get publicity for their careers. This is why Jen’s relationships with these people are very intense from all the stories, overtly romantic from all the stories and quietly end for no reason. This are just facts. What people read are business games.

  11. Tracy

    Well if she is getting it from John, I hope he is as well-endowed as rumored. I saw the pix of Brad, and he is so not.

    I agree with T-Bone, I would take Jen’s life any day over Brad & Angie’s. The chaos! No thanks! (and I have 3 kids myself)

  12. dahlia lama

    Perhaps Mayer will let us know who is the better kisser – Jennifer Aniston or Perez Hilton.

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