John Krasinski Does The Lanky Comedic Thing For Parade

While Renée Zellweger and George Clooney are doing their tour across small-town America to promote their latest movie, Leatherheads, here’s John Krasinski chatting with Parade magazine about the movie, as well as his unlikely career as an actor.

Krasinski was working as an intern at the Conan O’Brien show eight years ago, when the head writer told him, “Don’t even try making it as a writer. It’s too tough. Try acting instead.” And of course, that’s fantastic news for a-holes like me who don’t have any desire or talent to pursue that particular path.

Luckily, for John, the acting thing has paid off and his character in Leatherheads is a college football star and according to Krasinski, “Clooney owns a professional team that’s losing money and thinks that if he can just get the No. 1 college player, the team can become big-time.”

And of course, here’s John, do all kinds of adorable Ivy-league goofball stuff for the accompanying photo shoot that went with the interview. One day I’ll be sick of his schtick but until then, le sigh.

More photos from John Krasinski’s Parade photo shoot are after the jump.

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