Kate Gosselin Growls, Jon Gosselin Cries for Attention

It seems that Jon Gosselin considers balloon boy’s dad, Richard Heene, major competition in the reality dad publicity sector. At least that’s what People.com readers believe of his most recent scandal.

“As soon as I heard about this I thought publicity stunt! I see I am not alone,” wrote Kristie ‘Watts’ Dippong. “He had to do something to get himself back in the news.”

Upon returning to his bachelor pad Dec. 26, Gosselin found it trashed and vandalized with all signs pointing to his ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman.

Stephanie Ovadia, Glassman’s lawyer maintains, “This appears to be a publicity stunt.”

Jon needs to give up. I’m sick of seeing his pudgy-ness all over the place.

However, next to Jon’s stupid antics, Kate Gosselin simply waits for the next opportunity to show her teeth and growl angrily. Grr.

Gallery info: December 28, 2009: After a morning at the tanning salon, Kate Gosselin takes daughter Cara Gosselin to an appointment at the dentist in Reading, Pennsylvania.