John Gosselin’s Apartment Vandalized

And all signs point to Hailey Glassman!  Scandalous and felonious!

John Gosselin returned to his sweet bachelor pad (now that Hailey moved out) in NYC yesterday to find shenanigans!  Us reports:

“This is no minor incident.  The police are investigating. He walked into his apartment and it was a disaster. The couch was cut up, his kids’ Wiii is missing, his blu ray DVD player is gone, the pots and pans are gone, the couch was sliced up, all of his clothes and shoes are all sliced and torn up. And the knives were left in there.”

And there’s more!

“Is it convenient that Hailey was just there and moved out this week?  Everything was fine, they were friends, talking from time to time, him and Kate are cool and he has to come home to the city to this? Who else would do this? It’s sick, like a case of Fatal Attraction.”

The best part is that the word “cheater” was carved into the headboard!  Oh noes!

Alright, enough fake concern, this is hilarious!  It looks like Hailey had a little dramatic moment.  Didn’t you see Waiting To Exhale, honey?  Sell his stuff, don’t destroy it!  Now you’re going to jail!

Gallery Info: Jon Gosselin looking sexy sexy at his home in Reading, Pa on 10/21/09.