John Galliano Menswear: For The Everyday Man

Galliano loves the excess, and it was apparent in his women’s line as well.

The tone for last week was set by the Christian Dior show. “Red is the new Libertine, Platinum is the new Marie Antoinette,” declared John Galliano in his program for Dior. Dior shows are renowned for fantastical hair and make-up, and for this season, each model wore a white-blonde wig.

Corsets, costumes and grand gowns being Galliano’s stock in trade, Marie Antoinette is a natural muse for him at the house of Dior.

As ever with Galliano, there was a dark side to this collection. (He designed it around the time of the recent Paris riots, and says these were on his mind.) With vast hoods and capes, tightly laced horsemen’s leathers and lashings of blood red, there was as much of the executioner as of the damsel in distress. The finale? A vast hooped white gown daubed in red with “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”.

More photos of John Galliano’s menswear after the jump.

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