John Edwards Defends Barack Obama, Calls Out Ann Coulter

May 10th, 2007 // 16 Comments

Professional wind-bag Ann Coulter recently spoke with Fox Right Wing Propaganda Hour News about a poll in which it was stated that presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, was favored to win over top Republican contenders. Coulter claimed that the poll results were not only false, but that they could somehow aid al Qaeda. But rest assured, it’s not because she distrusts black people, as is evidenced by this picture, with whom I sure she believes is, in fact, Barack Obama. To these comments, John Edwards responded by saying:

“Just when we thought Ann Coulter couldn’t take the politics of personal destruction any lower, she proved us wrong,” Edwards said. “Her outrageous comments are inexcusable and should not be tolerated in the public dialogue.”

I kind of was hoping for a “Yo Mama” cut-down in there somewhere, but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get.

Dear God, it’s me Lisa. If you do exist and are just, you will answer my prayer that all of Ann Coulter’s children will be gay, single-mothers who hate guns and believe that nylons are for old ladies and chicks who work at Hooters chain restaurants. That is all.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Applespice

    OMG I just laughed so hard at the right wing propaganda thing.

  2. stolidog

    as if someone would impregnate that whore.

  3. lola

    agree stolidog.
    Her legs would snap shut and cut the daring tally right off. Plus what could the brave soul thats doing her use to keep her mouth shut long enough without making the paper bag over her ignorant head fall off?

  4. Joya

    “with whom I sure she believes is, in fact, Barack Obama.” LOL!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe people are still asking for her opinion.

  5. Jinxy McDeath

    I heard from a reliable source, who is a lobbiest and lives in D.C., that Ann is in fact a closeted LESBIAN. Her only friends are gay men, she doesn’t want to risk exposure and destroy her “career”, so someone will have to out her. She’s almost never with anybody straight, and she’s a serious alcoholic to boot.

    That rumor explains so much. I believe it.

  6. stolidog

    Jinxy, if she has a gay friend, he must be dumber than cow shit.

  7. DarthPaul

    Lisa, you’re brilliant! However, unless trannies can now get pregnant, I wouldn’t count on Ann having kids EVER. So, let’s pray that she gets anal cancer or the like.

  8. tone

    She can’t get preg she really is a man, have we forgotten that huge adams apple..She is a trannie..Who hates every one because she was born with a twig and two berries..

  9. mike

    Are google news alerts down or something? Usually by now we’d have numerous pro-Ann posts by douches who’d never normally visit the site. Or have they been distracted by the Michael Moore piece?

  10. AnncoulterRocks

    huh…guess I am in the wrong company. I love Ann Coulter!! I’m not gay and not a trannie. I happen to be a card carrying Irish Catholic. Guess I must love her allegded alcoholism, right? I mean, I must somehow fall into a victim category, right?
    Please, those of you on this blog.. you would probably suck up to her in a minute if she paid 30 secs of attention to you! Idiots

  11. Sassy John

    Yeah, real nice wishing cancer on someone, if you don’t have something rational to say keep your piehole shut.

  12. Sue


    What exactly is it that you “love” about Ann Coulter? I’ve yet to see any redeeming qualities in her. She represents so many things that are wrong with America…a list too long for this blog.

    From a “not gay/not a trannie” Huffington Post reader.

  13. Ani

    Please, those of you on this blog.. you would probably suck up to her in a minute if she paid 30 secs of attention to you! Idiots.

    Actually, I HAVE met her before — she came and did a speech at my school. The fact of the matter is that she’s regurgitating the same shit she was saying 5-7 years ago. It’s not funny, original, creative or even in the same realm as serious discourse. Face it, Anne Coulter made a fortune insulting anyone who didn’t agree with her, no more and no less.

    There’s a reason she’s not practicing law anymore. :)

  14. Pamela Bergerg

    Well I think John Edwards spending $400.00 on a haircut is outrageous.

  15. LoRider

    Oh there’s so much to respond to and I care so little! Ann Coulter isn’t right all the time, but most of what she says is a stone cold sober (no pun intended) look at the idiocy of the left, who somehow have managed to forget who the real bad guys are so they can heap all the blame on W. for the Breck Girl (Edwards) to open his piehole about “no place in public discourse” is absurd, considering he’s channelled the spirit of dead babies during court cases in order to win a bigger settlement. He’s a product of the generation. Don’t get so freakin upset that Ann doesn’t like B. Hussein Obama – who every reputable poll shows would lose to Rudi in a nationwide election. All you leftwingers are idiots. Ride Lo

  16. David Baldwin

    Most conservatives are good natured and don’t criticize liberals. Typically they turn their check and let a liberal slap them again. Since the main stream media is liberal, liberals know they can spew their fabrication and get away with it.

    Now you weak check turning conservatives have a lawyer to keep you out of trouble.
    Ann Coulter will smell a liberal contraption before the ink dries and snips it in the bud. She’s very perceptive, accurate, and funny. Most liberals can’t debate her; they just say I’m insulted.

    Some so called conservatives say that Ann Coulter does not represent them. These are more your Moderate Bill O’Reilly types and not true conservatives.

    Ann Coulter is one of the best. God, please bless the liberals, and let them work for a living. Then they will praise the next fiscal conservative elected official when HE cuts taxes.


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