Is John Edwards Expecting a Love Child?

December 19th, 2007 // 9 Comments

The National Enquirer is reporting that John Edwards not only has engaged in a secret affair with a former campaign worker, but that she is pregnant with his child. Rielle Hunter, is pregnant with a child that is being claimed by Andrew Young, a political operative who has been close friends with Edwards for years. The rumor is that Young is speaking out to cover for Edwards in an effort to protect the presidential hopeful’s reputation. A source close to Hunter revealed to the tabloid, “Rielle has said from the beginning that the baby is John’s, but she appears willing to do whatever they want her to do to protect his candidacy.” For now, the 43-year-old divorcée has moved from the New York area to Chapel Hill, NC and is now living in a rental home in the same neighborhood as Andrew Young. Oh lord, you just know all kinds of stuff is going to start coming up with the campaigns gearing up. At least it will be entertaining, what with the writers strike going on.

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By Lisa Timmons


    I KNEW he’d fucking do something shady….any man who would continue to run for President while his wife is dying cannot be trusted.

  2. jayboy

    STFU. This is so not true. Why not talk about the FACT that Huckabee is a religious freak with crosses in his camoaign ad than this UTTER BULLSHIT. Stick to the Celeb-u-dorks and leave the political stuff too sites that don’t have ads for “” you dip shits.

  3. This story does not have the ring of truth to it.

    As far as John continuing his presidential campaign in spite of his wife’s cancer, I have this to say:

    Elizabeth has repeatedly stated that she wanted her husband to continue his presidential bid, because it is as important to her as it is to him. They share the same dream of a better America. And they have sacrificed a lot in pursuit of that dream. Had John Edwards given up his presidential bid when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, they would have compounded their suffering; not only would they have grieved for her, but they would have grieved the loss of the dream that they shared. It would have been a double-blow to her morale at a time when she most needed to keep her spirits up.

    I talk more about this in my blog…

  4. GirlyGirl

    Wow- you guys get totally serious when it comes to presidential policitcs.

    BITTER- you’re name says it all, babe. As for bitter- I’m a democrat who has had to suffer through seven years and counting of a fascist, religious zealot regime who has been questioned for more corruption (Gonzalez, Halliburton, Blackwater) than any other president in history. And before you blather that he was elected- no he wasn’t. His brother fixed the state of Florida and his father’s Supremem Court appointees sealed the deal. (O’Connor has since come out and said she deeply regrets her vote. She’s a Regan appointee, a Republican, and tired of Bush’s bullshit.)

    Oh, and I would TOTALLY have John Edward’s baby.

  5. peachpie

    go, GirlyGirl, go!

  6. Shelly

    This story has Hitlary written ALL over it!!!

  7. Nell

    Who is David Perel? John Edwards knows.

    Mr. Perel is the courageous man who is standing up to the lies and distortion of John Edwards and making the case that, at the very very very minumum, that the former coke head TOLD her FRIENDS that she BELIEVES that she is carrying JOHN EDWARD’s BABY. Whether it’s his or not is not the point.

    And, He ain’t backing Down!!! He stands by his story that John Edwards is a cheater and that his “love child” is on the way.

    In the hierarchy of American tabloids, The National Enquirer, based in Boca Raton, Fla., is considered the most respectable. It boasts the largest newspaper circulation in the country at nearly 3 million. Editor-in-chief David Perel majored in English at the University of Maryland, went to work for the Washington Post and took a year off to travel. He began his career with the Enquirer as a reporter 19 years ago. He is married, with three children and a rabbit.

    He’s the messenger. So vette him. So John Edwards can join the group of:

    Gary Hart, Dick Morris, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwartneggar, and the long list of cheaters that only the tabloids have the courage to out!

  8. shanana

    I agree with the poster above — the Enquirer has nailed Edwards. The mainstream media is staying away from this story — probably waiting for the tabloids to do their digging for them. I’m a democrat, but have never liked Edwards. There is something smarmy about him, and his “just a poor boy from a mill town” bit doesn’t seem convincing if you look closely at him.

  9. Stupid Dummycrat

    Opps! Looks like Edturds got nailed. Just a typical lying cheating dummycrat.

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