John Travolta Lets His Hairline Down On The Set Of ‘Savages’

You know, I’m kind of liking John Travolta with a shaved head.  Totally wasn’t jiving with his copper-dyed hair but a week ago (not to mention the insane amount of foundation covering his face).

The Grease/Look Who’s Talking/Saturday Night Fever legend let his scalp go au natural on the Rendondo Beach set of Oliver Stone’s Savages, co-starring Uma Thurman, Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch (GASP. ILYTK).

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Keep this hairstyle, Travolta.  We have DVDs and photos of you in your heyday, so embrace the aging process like a real man.

I must, however, insist that you apply sunblock to that scalp.  It’s getting a bit too red.