John Mayer Spends His 35th Birthday With Katy Perry [PHOTOS]

Katy Perry appears in Interview Magazine.
John Mayer As Borat
John Mayer shows off some skin in some Borat wear.
It seems that Katy Perry is officially moving forward in her relationship with John Mayer. Despite the constant sightings of the two singers together, neither have ever confirmed or denied anything label-able.

Technically, they still haven’t. But you know what they say–actions speak louder than words.

Yesterday, October 16th was a momentous day in Mayer’s life; his 35th birthday. Surely, a very successful singer like himself could virtually celebrate any way he wants. But instead of a giant party with all of his famous friends, the singer spent it almost completely low key. Almost. He was spotted leaving the ABC Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan, New York with his usual female companion as of late, Perry.

Both dressed in casual attire, the pair seemed to be at peace with all of the paps, or at least at peace enough to ignore them. With such high profiles (and high profile relationships) on both their parts, media attention comes with the territory, at this point. And when you spend as much time out in public together as Mayer and Perry, it’s expected. The duo stepped out together just a few days before, eating in NYC again. And regarding the waiting paps politely yet minimalisticly. And later last night, the pair was seen leaving a club together. To continue to celebrate Mayer’s birthday, no doubt.

Although the unfailing sign of couple-dom, the holding of hands, still isn’t appearing in public outings, the quantity of the couples’ time spent together can serve as a similiar sign. We’ll have to wait and see!

Happy 35th Birthday to John Mayer, and hopefully he and Katy Perry enjoyed it their time together in New York (friendly time, or otherwise) before Perry has to head back to Los Angeles to start shooting The Smurfs 2 movie, in which she stars, or her voice does.

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