John Mayer & Keith Urban Gear Up For Tiger Woods’ Tiger Jam [PHOTOS]

Tiger Woods and his foundation management have returned Tiger Jam to Las Vegas after a one-year hiatus, and this time the event features John Mayer, Keith Urban and Tyler Hilton.

Tickets for last night’s concert at the Madalay Bay Hotel and Casino started at $70 and all proceeds go to help children receive a proper education, under Tiger’s charity.

PHOTOS: John Mayer Goes For A Little Ride

Woods is currently injured, which is hindering his comeback efforts on the golf course. He injured his knee and his Achillies at the Masters and has pulled out of his most recent scheduled appearances, leaving others in doubt as well.

When asked about his recent injury by emcee Chick Hernandez from Comcast Sports, Tiger was his usual, coy self, saying, “I feel good, how about you?” After Hernandez responded as most middle-age men do–I could lose a few pounds but other than that I am pretty good–Tiger went into a little more depth about the injury that will keep him out of next week’s Wells Fargo Championship. “It was tough going,” Woods said. “I was in a boot for five days, (and I) still have to sleep in a boot so I have been just kind of resting it.”

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