John Mayer & His New Short Hair Party With Mindy Kaling, Hilary Duff & More [PHOTOS]

Hilary Duff
The star walked in the Heart Truth fashion show.
Look! John Mayer finally cut his hair! Rejoice, friends!

The singer looked to be having a fun time at the Skybar last night as he celebrated Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project. OK, so John Mayer has one look on this face the whole night, but we assume he had a good time. But the most exciting part of last night? John’s haircut! It seems since he’s broken it off with Katy Perry, he’s going for a new look.

John was joined at the party by Mindy, of course, and some of her The Office cast mates including B.J. Novak and Ellie Kemper. Also, Hilary Duff is looking good. Think she hates leaving her super cute baby at home on nights like this?

But seriously, John Mayer’s face is making me laugh out loud. It’s the same face! In every picture! It’s like he’s Blue Steeling or something. His hair cut is indeed much appreciated. He looks less like a greasy, creepy dude and more like the hot singer who tells me my body is a wonderland.

Check out all the photos from the event in the gallery to see out who else was there. It seems like quite the funny crowd. And tell us how you feel about John’s new haircut in the comments!

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