John Mayer Dons Pirate Attire, World Is Confused [PHOTOS]

John Mayer As Borat
John Mayer shows off some skin in some Borat wear.
John Does Johnny
John Mayer channels his inner Johnny Depp.
Umm, John Mayer, what are you wearing?

The famous crooner was spotted leaving West Hollywood’s Palihouse in quite the getup. John decided to go all pirate on us in a flowing shirt, boots and of course the all important vest to top off the look. Where’s your sword at, Mayer? Also, does anyone else miss John’s short hair? His long hair just looks grungy. Although it works for his pirate look.

John made quite the commotion a few weeks ago when he accused poor little Taylor Swift of cheap songwriting. Well John, that’s what you get when you break a teenage girl’s heart. Angry song lyrics. 

He hasn’t really even tried to defend what he said, but really, after seeing this look I don’t think I can take him seriously again. Plus, where are the other people dressed like pirates? Everyone around him is dressed normally. Was it a costume party or was John just being weird again?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the pirate party. So what do you think of his costume? Yay or nay? Sound off in the comments!

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