John Mayer Dons Pirate Attire, World Is Confused [PHOTOS]

June 17th, 2012 // 5 Comments
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Umm, John Mayer, what are you wearing?

The famous crooner was spotted leaving West Hollywood’s Palihouse in quite the getup. John decided to go all pirate on us in a flowing shirt, boots and of course the all important vest to top off the look. Where’s your sword at, Mayer? Also, does anyone else miss John’s short hair? His long hair just looks grungy. Although it works for his pirate look.

John made quite the commotion a few weeks ago when he accused poor little Taylor Swift of cheap songwriting. Well John, that’s what you get when you break a teenage girl’s heart. Angry song lyrics. 

He hasn’t really even tried to defend what he said, but really, after seeing this look I don’t think I can take him seriously again. Plus, where are the other people dressed like pirates? Everyone around him is dressed normally. Was it a costume party or was John just being weird again?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the pirate party. So what do you think of his costume? Yay or nay? Sound off in the comments!

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By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Mia

    Taylor Swift a “sweet little innocent”? That is absolutely hilarious. This girl is anything but. People have some nerve trashing John Mayer for dishing about exes when this girl is far more guilty of doing it. She dishes about her exes in songs, in interviews and puts out tacky videos trashing exes. Forget about John Mayer for a moment and look at the video of her trashing ex Joe Jonas. I am a bit confused how a girl who puts out a video like that could be referred to as “innocent”. She is self absorbed and very cunning. 19 years old is not too young to be messed with. If she is not mature enough to date and older man then she should not have gotten involved with him. I agree with John Mayer is cheap songwriting and a total b*lls**t to slander someone in song.

  2. Cindy

    Taylor Swift an “innocent”???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! That little tramp has been through more men in her young years than most of us have been through in a lifetime. Hint to Taylor: the reason men dump you so often is because you act worse than a 10 year old. If you are not woman enough to go out with an older man then stick to little boys. But oh, yeah, they dump you too. Maybe instead of writing poison pen songs about the men in your life you should take a long look at yourself and see that it’s you not the men. She is the queen of conceit and self absorption. I actually cheered when Kanye West interupted her speech at the VMA’s. It’s about time someone put her in her place and knock her off her pedestal.

  3. Sofia

    Taylor Swift a little innocent? I’m trying to decide if this article is supposed to be sarcastic. I have a problem with the media raking John Mayer over the coals for supposedly dishing about his exes when this girl is so much more guilty about it. The only thing I would say to John Mayer is not to worry about it he’s not the first ex she has trashed in song and he probably won’t be the last. And that video of her trashing Joe Jonas that is circulating the internet is just appalling. To me that video is worse than the Playboy interview John Mayer did because John Mayer was just being thoughtless and stupid in that interview. But what she does is worse because he meant to be vindictive and melicious. I can”t believe any man would want to date her. She really needs to grow up already.

  4. Sparky

    John Mayer can wear (or take off) anything he wants. He can also grow his hair any length he wants. Maybe he’s just looking like he wants to these days, and that should be OK with all of us. By the way, why aren’t we seeing the rest of the outfit? He and Taylor Swift need to apologize to each other, and then everyone can stop talking about it. So they had an awkward, very brief relationship and it didn’t work out – get over it, Taylor – he’s too old and too real for you anyway.

  5. Rose

    John Mayer was dressed like that because he was at a costume party. I think he looks sexy. He is so good looking he would look great no matter what he wears. As for the “poor little Taylor Swift” comment – you seriously must be joking Socialite Life. Anyone who writes trashy tell all songs about her exes and makes a video completely slandering ex Joe Jonas with Barbie Dolls is no little innocent. She is very cunning and manipulative and only pulls the innocent virginal card when it is convenient for her. She chose to jump on the John Mayer hate wagon to use it to promote her career. It was a completely vindictive move because she was angry that he did not share the same feeling she had for him. That is no little innocent. Give us a break!

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