John Krasinski Gets The Heck Out Of LA [PHOTOS]

To this day, John Krasinski remains one of the most adorable celebrities around.  The Office star was heading out of town today (March 14th), photographed going through security to catch a flight at LAX.

Kranski has been married to Emily Blunt since July 2010, and Blunt admitted that it was a challenge to start shooting Salmon Fishing In The Yemen one month after they got hitched.  The newlywed had to film in Scotland, London and Morocco, and with only one day off a week from shooting, Blunt and Krasinski would “collapse by the pool.”

How do they make it work?  “You talk, you email, you do all of that. There is no magic answer,” Blunt said at a luncheon for the film in New York, according to Us Weekly. “It’s just the way anyone else would do it. You do your best and make it a priority.”