John Galliano Wears Jacket Without Shirt To Race Insult Trial [PHOTOS]

That probably would not have been my choice of outfits for a court appearance, but then again I’m not a world renowned fashion designer.

Fashion designer John Galliano admitted today that he has a triple addiction to alcohol, valium and sleeping pills, as he stood trial for anti-Semitic abuse.

He said today: “I have an addiction. I am a recovering alcoholic, a recovering addict.” He made the statement after the French court heard a witness testimony about his outburst in a bar in Paris’ fashionable Marais district in February of this year.

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He said he had since undergone rehabilitation treatment in Arizona for two months and in Switzerland. “After every creative high, I would crash and the alcohol helped me,” he said, adding that his creativity “helped make Dior a billion-dollar business.”

Asked why he didn’t tell police investigators about his addictions, Galliano responded: “I was in denial. I was still taking those pills and alcohol, and I was in complete denial.”