Johhny Weir Took Over Fashion Week

The results are in and Johnny Weir definitely gets high marks for biggest presence at Fashion Week (though maybe not for those outfits…yikes). The self-described fashion addict not only walked in a few shows, but also helped design, collaborating with Elise Overland.

When she approached him about the opportunity, “I jumped up and down and squealed like a girl. I am obsessed with fashion, these designers are my rock stars. And they have been for so long.” He’s also designed pieces for Adrienne Landau, and of course, stormed the runway during the cray-cray Richie Rich fashion show among others.

PHOTOS: Johnny Weir Wears A Loin Cloth On The Runway At Richie Rich

“It was a long, huge runway, and I was in a loincloth and body glitter,” Johhny said, pictured at the Isaac Mizrahi show yesterday in NYC. “Having taken a year away from competition, my body isn’t in the best shape that it always has been. I was so nervous for them to see my body exposed. But it was alright.”

Can’t wait to see what this ice skater turned fashion maven does next!