Joey Fatone Needs to Dance

December 19th, 2006 // 6 Comments

The hottest guy in N*Sync wants to be on Dancing with the Stars. That’s right, I said the hottest guy in N*Sync.

Joey Fatone, of former boy band ‘N Sync, told a Florida radio station Friday that he’s ready to compete on the reality show, which pairs celebrities with professional dancers. Last month, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, said she’s hoping to be a contestant.

Fatone told Orlando-based Real Radio 104.1 that producers had asked him to appear but he’d “turned it down” three times. He’s changed his attitude, the 29-year-old singer said, because “it’s kind of popular now.”

“I like doing it because it’s challenging,” Fatone said of dancing. He added: “Can you imagine me wearing those stupid tuxes?”

Oh, I can imagine it. That’s right. Call me a chubby-chaser, but I think Joey Fatone is hot on toast. Justin who? Screw that noise. A big hairy guy who can dance is the hotness. I’d delete what I just wrote but I’m too far along to care.

Joey Fatone Wants To Dance [USA Today]

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By J. Harvey

  1. A

    He’s only wanting to do it now because it’s more popular? Puh-leeze.

  2. oogabooga

    J. I can tell your posts by the second sentence. Luvyameanit!

  3. Adriana Christensen

    whaaaaaaaat. JC was obviously the hottest, lol.

  4. I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Joey. Guess I still do. I’d bone him

  5. EraserFan

    Could you picture the chubby NSync guy with Mrs Harvey? Talk about a hairy mess… I don’t know what would come off first, the husky pants or the Hersheys bar wrappers!

  6. Austin

    i love joey hes so hott id fuck him anyday does anyone have a shirtless pic of him if u do then send it to this email address

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