Joey Fatone: Cute Floats

February 7th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Cute Guy Thursday continues here a “A Socialite’s Life”. What is it about Joey Fatone? Why does this hairy, goofy schlub make me swoon like a tween girl over a Zac Efron notebook? Ok it’s totally the cub thing and the juicy ass. What? I have needs. To my three straight guy readers – picture a non-pregnant Jessica Alba and her boobers floating up there. That’s what Joey Fatone does for me. Straight dudes love the Alba. *sigh* Granted, if I saw Jessica Alba in zero gravity approaching me, I’d break out the rifle. But that’s just me. I would think I was being invaded by otherwordly stank demons! Here Joey Fatone celebrating his 31st birthday at the ZERO-G facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It looks fun in pictures, but I’d probably be yakking all over the place.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Nanc'

    Oh, J. Harvey! I think we need to stage a Fatone intervention for you! Seriously?? Fatone is the guy you like to hang with for giggles… not have sex with!

  2. Kelkel

    I totally get the fatone attraction. what I don’t get is what he was thinking when he married that poodle of a wife of his there with that hair! She is sooooo NOT attractive at all. I live near him…I could do soooo much more!!!

  3. Queen Caffeine

    He seems cuddly. :)

  4. Me

    I get the Joey attraction. He seems fun and there is just something about him that draws you in.

  5. Kelkel

    “he draws you in”…yes he does…his eyes are amazing and those lips…don’t get me started!!! I guess it doesn’t hurt he looks quite a bit like my husband! Maybe thats why I am so attracted to him! And, I love a man that can make me laugh! Joey is just adorable.

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