Joey Fatone: Cute Floats

Cute Guy Thursday continues here a “A Socialite’s Life”. What is it about Joey Fatone? Why does this hairy, goofy schlub make me swoon like a tween girl over a Zac Efron notebook? Ok it’s totally the cub thing and the juicy ass. What? I have needs. To my three straight guy readers – picture a non-pregnant Jessica Alba and her boobers floating up there. That’s what Joey Fatone does for me. Straight dudes love the Alba. *sigh* Granted, if I saw Jessica Alba in zero gravity approaching me, I’d break out the rifle. But that’s just me. I would think I was being invaded by otherwordly stank demons! Here Joey Fatone celebrating his 31st birthday at the ZERO-G facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It looks fun in pictures, but I’d probably be yakking all over the place.

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