Joe Simpson Wants To Spread His Creepy Fatherly Love

April 25th, 2007 // 6 Comments


Word has it that Joe Simpson is looking to add Britney Spears to his list of clients, in addition to his two daughters. Back in the day, Jess and Brit-Brit were considered to be direct competitors, but Jessica has buried the hatchet and even went so far as to suggest that she put in a call to Britney to convince her of the notion that Joe should be managing her career. From the New York Daily News:

Insiders even credit Joe’s guidance for helping the sisters avoid the excesses that sent Spears to rehab at the urging of her family, doctors and manager, Larry Rudolph. Spears, attributing her behavior to postpartum depression, left rehab and fired Rudolph, for which her estranged father, Jamie, blasted her last week.

The job remains open. Spears’ spokeswoman wouldn’t comment.

Oh, well, that would make sense. I mean, if Joe decided to give his trademark compliments about Britney’s boobs, it wouldn’t be weird because he’s not actually her dad, right?

By Lisa Timmons

  1. dots

    Ohhh Papa Joe… give it up ok? Look at Lane Garrison… you tried to help him and he killed someone.

  2. Sue

    I bet his daughters are offering bribes to Britney to let their dad do this because then maybe he’ll take his creep show away from their lives.

  3. lookwhaticando

    As if she does not have Enough problems,, Run Brit, Run

  4. Nicholas AC

    When I first saw the entry I thought you had photoshopped a picture of papa Simpson onto the body of Joe Francis.

  5. kelley

    Truthfully? Its probably a good idea. Then he can start doing someone other than his daughters.

  6. LRM216

    What’s he done for his own two lately, both his daughters appear to be on the brink of being totally washed up. He ought to do great by Britney!

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