Joe Simpson Is Over Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson’s father/manager Joe Simpson has grown weary of his daughter’s relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wants her to end the relationship. Notorious for being excessively controlling in both the personal and professional aspects of his daughter’s lives,

Joe reportedly “feels that Tony has become too much of a distraction for Jessica,” an inside source revealed to the National Enquirer.

However, dropping Tony like a bad habit so she can focus more on her career is the last thing on Jessica’s mind. The source also hinted, “But if Jessica had her druthers, she’d be married and pregnant. Her main concern is getting Tony to settle down and commit.” Somewhere deep down, Ashlee Simpson is doing a tiny fist pump and saying, “Ha! I win.” At Jennifer Love Hewitt has her back.

Gallery Info: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo leaving Dallas Primo restaurant and outside Tony’s nearby condo.