Joe Jonas Turned 21

Drink that next shot in his honor!

Fey little Joe Jonas had to spend his 21st birthday today working (even us poor schmucks like us take off a day to nurse our birthday hangovers and surf the internet for porn – um, I mean, shop.  For… organic scented candles?  Stop judging me!).

Anyhoodle, his brothers Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas were obviously on hand to sing while Joe blew out some candles on a cake he couldn’t eat because he was performing.  The terribly shot moment is after the jump (seriously, this person was filming with their feet or something) and it shows Kevin’s wife Danielle and some pregnant chick walking on stage with a cake.

Joe is wearing a tight black tank top and some cheap fabulousness around his neck.  Get it girl!  You’re allowed to look like a slut on your birthday (espesh the big 2-1).

As if that wasn’t enough, the brothers Jonas also appears on Fox & Friends this morning in NYC.  These three look like they need to let Calgon take them away.  Also, methinks Nick has discovered the world of plucking.  It’s like caterpillar versus snake over here (I’ll take that check now SciFi Channel).