Joe Jonas: Latest Tween To Offend Asian Community?

March 21st, 2009 // 13 Comments

Miley Cyrus is being sued by a group representing Los Angeles Asian Pacific Americans for pulling her eyes into a distinctive slant in photos that surfaced on the Internet. The teen pop star later publicly apologized but asserted that she was not being racist.

Now, it looks like boy band member Joe Jonas has followed suit, with a picture of him surfacing of the Jonas Brother pulling his eyes in the same move. And yes, you can totally see his purity ring in the pics.


Gallery Info: Joe Jonas
pulls a face; at the Los Angeles premiere of Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience at the El Capitan Theater.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. stewie

    Disney has always been will continue to be racist.

  2. Noname

    He just looks like a young homosexual guy trying to look innocent and alluring.

  3. LeslieD

    This is total horseshit. Am I going to be sued by pigfarmers (or maybe even pigs) if I push my nose up and oink. Asians are not the only folks with slanted eyes. Am I going to be sued for tanning by african americans. or by caucasians if I bleach my skin. Get a life people and grow some skin. Sick, whiny is what we are becoming–looking to make a silly statement or earn an easy buck. Either way it is not what america has fought to become.

  4. Rachel

    Looks more like he’s rubbing his eyes to me… but suing is such a popular sport nowadays it’s no surprise if they’ll make a fuss.

  5. A jonas fan

    I agree with leslie. This photo was taken way back in 2006. Is the media so desperate as to digging up old pictures of celebrities and bringing them to the public eye now?
    He’s just a teenager and that’s what we do. We take meaningless pictures with our friends and screw around.
    Not all Asians have slanted eyes. I’m Filipino and I consider myself Asian but my eyes don’t look like that.
    People need to get a life.

  6. A jonas fan

    Is the los angeles pacific Americans going to sue everyone that posts pictures like this on the Internet?

  7. "T"

    I agree with Jonas fan and Leslie…whether it’s actually “making fun” or just plain having fun, complaining over a face being made is quite a “stretch” [for lack of a better phrase] We all make faces…even if we’re wiping our eyes, etc. If he’s truly making and Asian face, does it mean he’s actually “making fun”???? He could possibly be wishing he looked like that. This group griping and complaining need to be proud of their appearance and the possibility that some may enjoy it’s look hence, why it’s “cool” to use the look in a pic. Plain white folk are who look funny trying to look Asian. THAT’S what makes it so funny. To me, the people who are complaining about this are the ones ashamed and racist of their own culture. GET OVER IT!!! WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT’S WORTH IT. I have people poke fun at certain looks I have and I’m just a plain ‘ol white chick who doesn’t have the same “exotic” attributes. Am I crying everytime someone copies me?? Not! ‘Cuz I’m happy with who I am. :) Besides, I think people look funny trying to be me. It actually makes me laugh. SMILE!!! >)

  8. El

    It’s easy to say “get a life” and “grow some skin” and tell people they shouldn’t take it so seriously. As an adult, I am able to look at these silly kids and just view their actions as being immature and not care so much.

    However, I am Asian, and when I was a child, I was constantly taunted by other kids who made these rude gestures. It hurt tremendously to be singled out and made fun of. It hurt more when other kids laughed at my expense. Even though my parents taught me to be proud of my heritage, it still didn’t stop me from crying and hating the fact that I was “different”. Yes of course I am able to look back on it now with a thicker skin. But there are so many impressionable innocent children that can be spared from this kind of hurt.

    How are we supposed to teach our kids to be tolerant of each other and not perpetuate racial stereotypes? Millions of kids look up to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas. They are a huge influence and by not imposing consequences for their actions, we are basically saying it’s ok to make fun.

    You might as well say the “N” word is just a word and black people need to get over it. Unless you were ever a victim of hurtful racial slurs or stereotypes, you do NOT understand how something you may view as trivial can have a detrimental impact on so many people.

    For “T” and everyone who agrees with her comments, how can you tell an 8 year old child to “get over it?” You seriously have no clue or compassion.

  9. Joe Jonas Lover

    Bullcrap! This was a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG Time ago!! He was actually talking about this picture and he was rubbing his eyes thank you very much!

  10. Erica

    ok, i understand how miley’s actions were rude and offensive to the Asian Americans… she is 16 and was fully aware of her actions…

    however, i can find no offense with joe jonas’ picture because it is and OLD PICTURE you can TELL with his hair length and just the way his face looks!

    so if he is 19 now, this is prolly when he was 15… and as we ALL know, a 15 yr old guy is equal to basically a 12 year old girl, he didn’t know any better!!!

  11. dominique

    now i’m gonna take a retarded picture like this && put it on the internet.
    my philipino friend wouldn’t be offended.
    people are stupid.
    get over it.
    everyday i have to deal with people making mexican jokes && i’m mexican.
    i got over it.

  12. Zazgfysg

    Vmhtt9 comment1 ,

  13. simon

    He looks like Michael Jackson – why are they considered good looking?!

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