Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Possibly Sitting In A Tree

Although purely speculation.  What we do know is that Joe Jonas spent the night at Demi Lovato’s house in Toluca Lake and then left the next day at around 2 p.m., picked up by a limo no less.  If only your walk of shame was so glamorous!

Shortly after Joe left, Demi did as well, driving to the Center Staging studio in Burbank with her dad (who is a sexy beast, am I right?).

So Demi and Joe had a sleep over while her dad was home?  Disney scandal!  Yea, I know, what’s new, right?

Well, if Camilla Belle and Trace Cyrus have no objections, who am I to judge?

Gallery Info: Joe Jonas leaving Demi Lovato’s house in Toluca Lake.