Tony Romo Had Falling Out With Papa Joe, Not Jess

According to reports, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson may have broken up because of (surprise!) her doting dad.

Joe Simpson is known for being very involved in his daughter’s careers, including setting Tony and Jessica up (yes, that involves her fledgling career). Apparently he also had lots of advice for Tony, involving endorsement deals and other things he shouldn’t have been concerned with.

Other speculated reasons for the breakup are Jessica’s issues with John Mayer’s new relationship, and a couple interviews where Jessica referred to Romo as her “future husband” and said she wanted him to father her children, which would probably scare off any man.

BUT, it seems all could be just fine between Tony and Jessica, as the two were spotted kissing by some paps just this afternoon.

Now all I can picture is Jessica singing “Papa Don’t Preach” and putting Joe in his place.

I’d like to think that’s what saved Tony and Jessica’s struggling relationship.