Tony Romo Had Falling Out With Papa Joe, Not Jess

May 16th, 2008 // 11 Comments

According to reports, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson may have broken up because of (surprise!) her doting dad.

Joe Simpson is known for being very involved in his daughter’s careers, including setting Tony and Jessica up (yes, that involves her fledgling career). Apparently he also had lots of advice for Tony, involving endorsement deals and other things he shouldn’t have been concerned with.

Other speculated reasons for the breakup are Jessica’s issues with John Mayer’s new relationship, and a couple interviews where Jessica referred to Romo as her “future husband” and said she wanted him to father her children, which would probably scare off any man.

BUT, it seems all could be just fine between Tony and Jessica, as the two were spotted kissing by some paps just this afternoon.

Now all I can picture is Jessica singing “Papa Don’t Preach” and putting Joe in his place.

I’d like to think that’s what saved Tony and Jessica’s struggling relationship.


By Intern Traci

  1. Texas

    Why would Tony want to live a life in the flash of a camera? It is totally not his scene. Jessica needs a man that lives in LA and lives that lifestyle.

  2. cindyu

    Well, I think they love eachother so much,just saw his profile on a celeb dating site ””, he share his love story there and said that how much he loves her!

  3. JanePitt

    Joe is a sick man and has way too much love for his daughter. She will never be happy until she severe all ties with that freak.

  4. Amy

    The thing is, I don’t think Jessica is really into that lifestyle either. She has always seemed like she’s pretty impressionable and listens to other people instead of thinking for herself. I think creepy Papa Joe is the one pushing that lifestyle.

  5. JASON


  6. joe mamma

    He should hit that for awhile, then get away. I saw her on that reality show with her last husband and she is a freak, not to mention her dad.

  7. Sue Irving

    Tony. you are better off without a bimbo. Men are breed animals…Its their nature. Alot of us (women) don’t understand it. But it’s a fact. My advise is to have as many bimbos as you want while you are young, with protection of course, then some day you will find a woman that you want to settle down with and have children, someone not self-centered, and does not feel threatened by your success ..

  8. Joeisafreak

    Papa Joe needs to stop being a creepy ventriloquist. He didn’t have his own talents so now he controls his daughters’ lives so he can be rich. He is such a freak! Get your hand out your daughter’s ass. Jessica needs to put him in his place before he destroys her life.

  9. Freddie Fender

    Aw aren’t they sweet. They can both blow me…a kiss as they walk down the isle together…

  10. SutraPeace

    Joe is truly a sick freak! Tony Romo is better off! She bounces back quick– “Jessica Simpson was at hot Hollywood hotspot ‘Ketchup’ with industry insider Erik Markham talking for over an hour… When they parted ways at the door a very eager Jessica planted one to remember on Eriks lips…”– LOL! GO GET THIS GUY NOW JOE!

  11. Raspy Joe

    LOL!! the picture in the mags look like shes dry humpin him at the restuarant door. where the hell is this ketchup place anyways?

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