Joe Jackson Denies Beating His Children

While chatting with Larry King, the always enterprising Joe Jackson flatly denied any claims made by his late son, Michael Jackson, that he abused his children. Joe played dumb when quizzed on whether or not his children accused him of hitting them. Apparently, he’s never read Michael’s autobiography, Moonwalk, in which the King of Pop said of Joe, “He would beat you…he would hit me so hard.”

“I didn’t make no mistakes, Larry…Michael was raised properly,” Joe told the talk show host on CNN. “I’ve never been abusive to him. I never have,” Joe responded when asked if he had and then claimed that it was simply “the media” who had fabricated these stories.

The best redirection, though, comes when Joe somehow tries to connect the “rumors” of family violence to slavery. “You know where this ‘beating’ started? Beating started in the slavery days and they used to beat the slaves and they used to torture them. That’s where this ‘beating’ started…”

Who could possibly hope to argue against him when he’s using razor-sharp logic like that? It’s not Joe who used to beat Michael Jackson, it was the ghosts of white plantation owners. I bet they’re also the ones stealing socks from my clean laundry.

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