Joe Jackson Confirms That Michael Had Another Son

There’s Daddy Jackson always looking out for the children. Joe Jackson confirmed in an interview that Michael Jackson did indeed have a secret son and it is most likely Omer Bhatti.

Rumors that Omer was Michael’s son started to circulate after he sat with the Jackson family at Michael’s memorial. It was then found that Omer was around the King of Pop a lot after the two met when Omer won a Michael Jackson impersonator contest. According to reports, Michael had told some friends a few years ago that Omer was the result of a one-night stand Michael had with a Norwegian fan, Pia Bhatti, back in 1984.

Joe, obviously the best spokesman from the Jackson family, said in the interview, “He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson… this boy’s a fantastic dancer.” Those Jackson dance moves don’t just come to everyone you know. This kid must have a little Michael in him to be able to be such a baller dancer.

Omer was often seen around Neverland Ranch and hanging with Michael. Although the results of the DNA test that Omer requested have yet to be announced, I’m thinking this is Michael’s kid. Or least I really want it to be Michael’s son.

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