Joe Francis Feels Celebrities Are Treated Poorly In The Criminal Justice System

Joe Francis has sent a dramatic missive to TMZ complaining that celebrities like him and Paris Hilton have it rough when they get busted because they’re “high profile”. Seriously? This douche made a living off of getting underage girls to flash their titters at him. Sympathy for him is nil. How has he not gotten shanked yet? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

Francis whines:

My heart goes out to Paris, not only because I consider her a friend, but because I have experienced first hand that incarceration is not set up for high-profile people. In my experience to date, when jail personnel are told to give no special treatment to an individual because of who they are, it normally results in them getting far worse treatment. I must however tell you that this has not been my experience at the Washoe County Detention Center, where my treatment has been fair and where the staff is very considerate. However, the stark reality that I’ve encountered in the five previous facilities I’ve been in is that celebrities are segregated from other inmates, and it can be quite a lonely existence with no human contact.

So maybe you shouldn’t be approaching high school sophmores with a video camera and a hard-on! Then you could have avoided the loneliness! Befriend a rat or something!

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