Joe Francis Doesn’t Know When To Let Up

Joe, no, really, stop. Joe Francis was charged with one count of misdemeanor sexual battery today in L.A . If you’ll recall, he’s currently doing a 35 day bid in Florida for being a creepy asshole. Ok, that wasn’t the exact charge but it might as well have been.

L.A. City Attorney spokesperson Frank Mateljan tells TMZ that Francis was at a birthday party in Los Angeles this past January when he allegedly touched an 18-year-old girl on the breast, buttocks and inner thigh. The woman allegedly repeatedly asked Francis to stop.

Francis will be arraigned May 22. If convicted, he faces a maximum six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

When asked to comment, Francis said “mmmmmpphh, mmmmrgggghhhhh, mmmmmpphhhh” around the jail cell pillow he’s currently biting. His roommate Chelo ignored us, as he was busy thrusting into Joe and slapping dat ass and hollering “Das right, babee! Oooh, this is one busted-azz bitch!”

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