Joe Francis & Brody Jenner: The Feud Rages On

Hollywood club scene fixtures, Brody Jenner and Joe Francis, are at it again. The other night, the Girls Gone Wild creator was talking a good game on the red carpet for Bardot in Hollywood to press.

Page Six reports that the porn mogul was making threats and said, “If I see Brody Jenner, he is dead.” The toothsome ex-con continued by saying that Brody has the “smallest penis I have ever seen.” And that’s quite a feat, since Joe appears to be well-versed on the subject of penis size.

However, once Brody showed up with about four of his friends, a snitch claims, “Brody and his pals walked out giving Francis dirty looks. Francis stood there with his tail between his legs. He looked scared [bleep]less.”

Wow. It’s like the wild, wild West. But like, if the cowboys got regular facials and used lots of hair-care products.

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