Joe Francis And His Glow-In-The-Dark Grill Catch A Break In Court

January 24th, 2007 // 3 Comments


Joe Francis has been in hot water with the legal system for failing to document the ages of those girls performing their soft-core porn in his infamous “Girls Gone Wild” series. Luckily for him though, in his most recent case, he was able to work out a deal to keep his ass out of jail, according to E! News Online:

A Santa Monica judge on Monday sentenced The Girls Gone Wild creator to two years’ probation and ordered him to pay $500,000 in fines for failing to document as required by law the ages and identities of the flash-happy participants in his raunchy DVDs, some of whom turned out to be underage.

In addition to the fines, Francis is also goiing to have to complete 200 hours of community service. But he should hold off on the celebration…

But Francis is not out of the woods yet. He, Mantra and a cameraman still face six charges, including racketeering and felony prostitution, stemming from a 2003 arrest in Panama City for allegedly shooting X-rated footage of two 17-year-old girls in a motel room.

Do you know why his teeth are oh-so-white? It’s cause he had them taken from toothy virgins and transplanted into his own evil gums. Well, I don’t have proof. I’m just basing this on the fact that I dislike him greatly.

Girls Guy Gets Off Easy [E! News Online]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. We want freedom and no one imposing laws on us but we cry when we get screwed over case in point girls gone wild whats wrong with him makinhg it because its the girls next dorr and they dont want the world to know their whores take advantage of r u serious they know if they enter a specific place girls gone wild is their they know what their about they get a damn tshirt and/or hat how is he taking advantage of them he said his fream was to show the real girls gone wild these girls complainig is like their being a sign that says beware f dog do not enter with a high fence and screaming coming from behind getting mauled and suing saying i had no idea

  2. CareKate

    And yet the bastard will never face any legal consequences for raping that virgin (as chronicled in that infamous LA Times article) after she agreed to board the GGW bus and flash her tits. That SOB apparently forgot what it’s like to be violated against one’s will after he was somodized by that housebreaker. Personally, I think the guy that did it needs to go back and give ole Joe a little tuneup….

  3. CareKate

    P.S. And as for the girls who knowingly/willingly participate in GGW’s raunch, their mothers must be SO PROUD of them.

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