Joe Dolce Defends Bonnie Fuller

Well of course he’s going to defend the devil. He works with her at Star Magazine. Your not going to see him trash talking the woman, even though I hear he would like to. He admits that he and Bonnie are tough bosses. He goes on to say:

“First of all, we thank Bonnie Fuller and we thank Britney Spears. That will guarantee us a very good launch.”

This comment is due to the fact that The Devil went down to the Clark County Marriage Bureau office at 4 a.m. in the morning while Britney and now annulled husband got their marriage certificate and snapped a photo. Satan, didn’t actually take the photo herself of course. But she did pay someone $100,000 for the photo that was taken.

It’s the perfect photo for The Princess of Darkness’ launch for her glossy “magazine.” The only thing I enjoy about Bonnie being the editor of Star is she can’t get much lower on the “magazine” tier of worthiness. About the only thing left is The Globe.