Joe Simpson Caught In A Sticky Love Triangle, Are Allegations True? [PHOTOS]

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Boy, oh, boy. And let’s give another “boy” for Joe Simpson. It seemed like enough for this former Baptist pastor who lived years seeing his daughters Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson enjoy all the fame and glory that they received. Apparently, all of that wasn’t enough commotion for one family in itself.

The media frenzy has not settled down with the Simpson family even after the two Simpson singers have settled down with their own families. Joe has decided to step up to the plate and take the spotlight upon himself.

Like any typical Hollywood marriage, Joe and ex-wife Tina Simpson called a quits on their 34-year-long marriage (even though I sure didn’t see it coming). On top of alleged reports of the father being gay, he recently has been connected to having two male partners, and this isn’t just through the grape vine. The two supposed men came out and dished about their relations with the newly single man.

Edge reported that Joe Bryce Chandler Hill, a 21-year-old aspiring model, is one of two men who are affiliated with Joe in the “more than friends” type of way. But that’s not even the least of it.

Supposedly, he was seen with Joey Anderson, a 32-year-old male escort in New York for $600. What did they do for $600 you ask? Openly enough, Anderson admitted to sources that him and the divorcee had sexual relations for three hours. He also added that Simpson sure was a power house during those three hours.

Anderson’s claims were quite detailed from their actions that night they spent together, to how he interpreted Joe’s sexuality and abilities. I wonder if Anderson and Hill were taking advantage of the current vulnerable nature of Joe just to get their 15 minutes of fame or if all of this is really true.

I guess until there are some hard facts for the reason of the split, this will stand as the truest reason to date.

Do you think that all of this was boiling up for Joe and meant to happen? Or did it come out of the blue for you just as it did for me? Browse the gallery for Joe’s latest youthful look and let us know how you feel about the post-divorce news!