Joe & Nick Jonas Finally Break Their Twitter Silence As Joe Keeps Dating Blanda Eggenschwiler

Alright folks, looks like we’re getting even more out of the Jonas Brothers today!

After rumors surfaced that the band was breaking up following their cancelled tour, all of the brothers went silent on Twitter. In fact, the official Jonas Brothers Twitter went so silent, it was deleted.

Well, it seems they’ve decided to stop the silence as both Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas addressed it on Twitter today. Obviously they were super vague about what’s going on, but hey! That’s still something, right? 

Nick was very simple with his Tweet.

Listen Nick, we’re trying! Joe was a bit more forward with his Tweet. Clearly there’s a lot happening.

Honestly, I’d feel better about all of this if I just knew what the plan was. Also, I’m gonna say it, I don’t like Blanda Eggenschwiler, and if the rumors are to be believed, she’s part of the reason for the issues within the band. I’m not saying she’s all the issues, but at least part.

Well, she and Joe still seem happy together. Launch the gallery to check out the photos of the couple and tell us what you think of Nick and Joe’s Tweets in the comments!