Joe Manganiello’s Massive Muscles Are Gonna Make You Jealous Because He Might Be Engaged To Sofia Vergara

Joe When He Was Single
Ah, I miss the days when Joe Manganiello was single!
Do you think that Joe Manganiello wakes up every morning, stares at himself in the mirror and just smiles?

Because if I had those muscles, that’s exactly what I would do. Joe was being a gem of a human yesterday and showing off his perfect guns in a very slinky tank top at the gym. Also, his tank top is telling me to “Rip Here”. Okay Joe! Whatever you say!

Actually, you know who’ll probably get to “Rip Here”? Sofia Vergara

The duo have made no secret of their passionate love affair, and if Sofia’s ring finger is to believed, they’re going to make it last forever. Check it!

Sofia Vergara wears a sparkling diamond ring on her engagement finger while out for lunch with a friend in LA

Do you see the giant maybe engagement ring? Neither Sofia nor Joe has said anything about, but rings don’t generally lie, you guys. Although it could just be a ring to promote her new jewelry line.

Basically, until I hear to the contrary, I’m gonna pretend that Joe and his muscles can still be mine. You should do that too by launching the gallery to stare at some guns. My what guns they are.