Joe Manganiello Talks Past Money Problems & Fitness With Men’s Health

Joe Manganiello  lifted his way onto the cover of this months Men’s Health where he reveals his extremely effective (I mean obviously…have you seen his abs?!) work out regime as well as his bumpy path to stardom.

The insanely ripped True Blood werewolf opened up to the mag about his work out routine for the show.

“It was very fast-paced, no rest between sets, getting the heart rate up,” he says of his new fitness routine. Although he didn’t test his body fat before or after, Manganiello estimates he lost more than 20 pounds of fat while gaining a few pounds of muscle.

Oh hot damn.

The 36-year-old actor also dished that he hit a wall after his role as Eugene “Flash” Thompson in 2002’s Spider-man.

“About six months after the shoot ended, I got thrown out of my apartment for not paying rent,” the Pittsburgh, Pa., native recalls. “Lost my car. Lost all my clothes. Furniture. The sheriff gave me 5 minutes to collect my things in a duffle bag and leave the apartment.”

Yikes. At least oh-so-sexy Joe is on the road to recovery while making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Check out his anything-but-flabby-physique in the gallery above and don’t forget to pick up a copy of this months issue of Men’s Health. Warning: you may find yourself drooling.