Joe Manganiello Talks Nude Scenes And ‘Magic Mike’ [PHOTOS]

Pittsburgh native Joe Manganiello recently spoke to his hometown’s Post-Gazette about starring in Magic Mike (out today), hanging out with the cast in thongs and why True Blood made Mike a very easy movie to sign on for.

“I think people who see this movie are going to look at us all differently for the rest of our lives,” Manganiello told the paper with laugh.

From performances in college to the off-Broadway stage, Manganiello is totally fine with getting naked.  “I was always doing crazy stuff, even then [in college]. My junior year, one project was this auto-drama where we had to tell our life story, and I started the piece out with these gothic bells playing over the speakers, naked, in ‘The Terminator’ pose.”

He did the same thing in an off-Broadway show in New York, full frontal: “I was always pushing the envelope to make things fun or…memorable.” 

Magic Mike’s script, Manganiello says, is darker than the actual movie.  “It read like an expose, but once the guys all got together and we got our thongs on … hanging out in the locker room, there was this level of energy that I don’t think anyone anticipated.”

Oh, what a visual.