Joe Manganiello “Really, Really” Can’t Wait To Be A Family Man

Superbowl Frenzy
Manganiello enjoying football excitement at a Superbowl party.
Joe Manganiello probably has his pick of the ladies, but he’s ready to settle down with the one– when he finds her, that is. “I’m single, but really, really look forward to being married and having kids,” told the True Blood heartthrob to Essential Homme magazine. You can look forward to seeing Manganiello, photographed by Matthew Lyn, gracing the magazine’s June 2012 cover.

But the wolfishly handsome star is enjoying single life. I mean, look at the perks:  he gets to fly private with his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was his “dream growing up.”

Well, if this crazy, seemingly outlandish dream could come true, we can only hope family life is on the horizon, right? Hmm, who’s jealous of the lucky girl already?