Joe Manganiello Puts His Finger To Good Use [PHOTOS]

Rather than flipping the bird, Joe Manganiello pointed at the paparazzi in West Hollywood, CA yesterday (July 7, 2012).

The last time we saw Joe, he was getting cosy with new girlfriend Veronique Lazoore. The couple went on a shopping spree in West Hollywood earlier this week and were spotted kissing while out and about.

If you had any question as to why Joe wanted to play Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike, here’s your answer:

Besides the name? And the legacy that would come along with the name? I read the script, and it was scene-stealing moment after scene-stealing moment, between the fireman suit, the gold body paint, the silhouette routine, the penis pump. That, and then of course, [director] Steven Soderbergh, Channing, McConaughey and my drama school classmate Matt Bomer. It was a slam-dunk.

I’m not sure if Joe’s tweet had anything to do with his outing yesterday, but it’s nice to know that Joe enjoys spending time with his brother.