Joe Manganiello Proves He is The Perfect Man, Delievers A Dozen Red Roses To Sofia Vergara

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All of these new couples are starting to make me sick.  Sorry to be a negative Nancy, but celebrities love lives really are perfect.  Now we have fairytale couple Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara.

This pairing seems so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.  The two of them really are perfect together and make for one unbelievably hot couple.  Joe really seems to know how to treat a lady and be super romantic.  Here he is delivering a rosy surprise to Sofia.    

Joe stopped by the set of Sofia’s Head & Shoulders commercial with a dozen red roses because he’s the perfect man.  I’m going to stare at his photo and just pretend he’s bringing those to me.  Who knew he was such a romantic?!  You really can’t judge a book buy it’s cover cause Joe seems like a total softie.  The couple have only been together since early-July but it seems like Joe is already spoiling his lady.

Sofia can’t complain either, in fact she is extremely happy with her new romance.  Sofia has yet to comment publicly on her relationship with the True Blood hunk.  However, she did reveal to People Magazine that she is “very happy romantically” and that things “couldn’t be better”.  We obviously all know what that means.  A man’s bringing you roses? Of course things couldn’t be better!

Sofia’s Modern Family costars Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland already approve of her new man.  Sarah voiced what we’ve all been thinking “I think they’re super hot together.  They’ll have really hot babies,” she said to People last month.

I actually hope this couple makes it for the long haul.  Even though we all want Joe for ourselves, you have to admit they really are the perfect pair!

Launch the gallery to see more photos of Joe surprising Sofia with some red roses.

By Candice Brock

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