Joe Manganiello Gets To Be Naked On ‘True Blood’

May 17th, 2011 // 1 Comment

True Blood fans of the female variety get ready!  The season 4 premiere will air June 26th and there will be a lot more  bare man chests and nakedness for your viewing pleasure.  MTV ran into Joe Manganiello who revealed that his character, wolf Alchide Herveaux, will be naked or shirtless “3 out of the 7″ episodes they’ve filmed.  Nice!

PHOTOS: Joe Manganiello Gets Naked Shirtless For Cosmo

Joe’s pretty handsome, so seeing him sans clothing would probably boost up ratings and/or attract more viewers…most likely women viewers.  He didn’t get the Superman movie role he wanted but at least his show is successful! Manganiello looks like he’s enjoying his success, walking around Beverly Hills, CA on April 29, 2011.

Watch Joe Manganiello discuss his character and what’s in store this season on True Blood after the jump.

By Irene Ancheta

  1. Vamplove

    Hard to believe that in 2011 an article about a sexy male actor would begin with “…fans of the female variety get ready!” Seriously? Did you forget about the vast population of males that also enjoy sexy male actors? Or perhaps you don’t realize that not all females find men attractive? What rock have you been living under Irene?! I guess you only want heterosexuals to read your articles.

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