Joe Manganiello & More Looking Super Sexy At The 2012 Human Right Gala [PHOTOS]

Joe Manganiello
The star arrived home from Hawaii.
Charlize Loses Shirt
Charlize Theron poses provocatively for Vanity Fair.
Mmm, Joe Manganiello you are looking quite sexy. Well, what else is new? Joe was spotted on the beige carpet at the 2012 Human Rights Gala at the Los Angeles Ritz Carlton. The event, held by the Human Rights Campaign, was one of the largest LGBT fundraisers in recent years. 

Joe wasn’t the only hot thing on the beige carpet. Charlize Theron, who was honored by the HRC with an Ally for Equality Award, was looking incredible. She really does have that new mom glow going. Chelsea Handler was the host for this year’s event and decided go for a decidedly more funky look. Bright blue dress and combat boots? Sure, why not. 

Launch the gallery to see all the photos from the event. Come on, just try and tell me you don’t want Joe holding you late at night. Actually, I totally be down if he and Charlize dated. I love beautiful people together.