Joe Manganiello, Kellan Lutz & Sam Trammell: The Sexy Men Of The Sunset Strip Music Festival [PHOTOS]

Sexy men alert! Isn’t that the best kind?

True Blood hotties Joe Manganiello and Sam Trammell were joined on the red carpet by fellow mythical creature, Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, at the 5th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival. Look, we’ve got a werewolf, a shape shifter and a vampire! It’s like my favorite book series in real life!

Joe looked super sexy–as he always does. Sadly, his amazing man legs were covered this evening. As was Kellan’s body. Sexy men, we discussed this, when you go out in public, it must always be without a shirt. What don’t they understand about this?

Sam also looked hot. I’m digging the burgundy pants. Not many men can pull that off. Quite the lady catching skill. So what acts do you think the three of them are going to check out at the music festival? Hopefully something fun and heavy metal-ie.

Think they get together and discuss who has the crazier fans? Joe: “I once got a pair of underwear with lipstick marks on them!” Sam: “I once got a stuffed dog like the one I change into on True Blood.” Kellan: “I once got a woman mail herself to me and start crying when she saw me open the box.”

I am just making up all of these stories, but they seem plausible-ish. Check out the photos of the sexy men in gallery then come up with your own crazy fan story for us in the comments! It’s rather fun.

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