Joe Manganiello Is Wearing A Purple Suit, Makes The Perfect Eye Candy

Hello friends. Please join us for the next few minutes as we appreciate how nicely True Blood star Joe Manganiello fills out a suit.

Just look at him. What other incredibly buff, incredibly sexy man do you know who can pull off  a shiny purple suit and make it look like perfection? There is no one else. Joe is alone in his abilities.

The uber hottie was the epitome of perfection today as he hit the red carpet for the ASTRA Awards in Australia. Leave it to the land down under to get all the good stuff from Joe. 

Oh and look! He was joined by his girlfriend, model Bridget Peters. What a lucky girl. Also, how good do their colors look together. His purple suit definitely compliments her green gown. They’re like an eggplant. I am sufficiently impressed by these two.

And now, launch the gallery above, stare at photos of Joe Manganiello, and live a more fruitful life. You can thank us by telling us just how much you love Joe in the comments.