Joe Manganiello Is Surrounded By Shirtless Strippers At The Hollywood Premiere Of ‘La Bare’

Joe For Men's Health UK
Joe Manganiello shows off his amazingly fit body.
So, is there a reason as to why Joe Manganiello didn’t take his shirt off to pose last night? Because right now I just feel gipped.

Still, Joe did look pretty snazzy in his suit last night at the Hollywood premiere of his documentary, La Bare. That’s the one about the male strippers, and it looks pretty incredibly. Even Channing Tatum loves it.

And Joe was clearly feeling that love last night. Also, his suit for this was so much better than at the True Blood premiere

I briefly saw Joe on the red carpet as I ran to my car last night, and let me tell you, he is even sexier in person than you can imagine. It’s something about that height of his. And those kick-ass glasses didn’t hurt either. You know how I love me a bespectacled man.

Launch the gallery to stare at plenty of bespectacled Joe. Oh, and fun fact: Josh Groban was at the premiere last night because his brother was the movie’s editor. So Joe and Josh on one carpet? It was a good night indeed.