Joe Manganiello & His Pecs Go To Lunch, Shows Off His Stripper Skills For ‘Conan’

Joe For Men's Health UK
Joe Manganiello shows off his amazingly fit body.
Now, is it just me, or does it totally like Joe Manganiello is flexing in that picture?

He is right? Oh hell yes, Joe. You flex what the good lord gave you. The True Blood star was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday, grabbing lunch by himself. At least I think he was by himself. For all we know Sofia Vergara could have been waiting to leave the restaurant after him.

Listen Joe, I don’t care what you say, men can totally be objectified. Especially when they show off their stripping skills. 

Joe did just that on Conan last night. I’m assuming he’s still plugging his directorial debut La Bare–that’s the movie about the male strippers–and thank goodness that Conan asked him how to be a good stripper. 1) Have a good stripper name. Joe suggested “Big Red” for Conan. And 2) You have to perfect the “body roll”.

Conan might not have perfected it yet, but my god, Joe has. Check out the video of his stripper dancing below, and don’t forget to launch the gallery for some more of his muscles action. It’s a sight for sore eyes.