Joe Manganiello Hangs With His Girlfriend, Says She’s His Ideal Woman [PHOTOS]

Joe Manganiello Shirtless
Joe is shirtless in Hawaii with a bikini-clad friend.
Joe Manganiello is handsome, sexy, funny and very much taken.

The True Blood hottie was spotted and about in New York City over the weekend doing some shopping with his gorgeous model girlfriend, Bridget Peters. Ugh. Of course they’re that beautiful together. Of course.

We’ve seen Joe and Bridget out before, but they’ve never been this open with the hand-holding. You know, as much as it might hurt my heart because I had a secret fantasy that Joe and I would one day be together, I am very happy for him. Especially since he recently told reporters that Bridget is his ideal woman. 

Joe sat down with Huffington Post’s “No Filter” and gave us quite an interesting glimpse into his life. Did you know that he’s currently writing an fitness book? “Well I work out twice a day, six days a week and I’m actually in the middle of writing a fitness book right now that comes out during the holidays, so all of my secrets will be in the book.”

And when asked who his ideal woman is Joe responded, “My girlfriend.” Ugh. So cute. Oh Joe, we love and we are happy for you. Now go take your shirt off and we’ll be even happier.