Joe Manganiello Goes Shirtless For Muscle & Fitness Magazine [PHOTOS]

Yowza! True Blood star Joe Manganiello is the July 2011 Muscle & Fitness cover boy cover man.

When producers tapped Joe Manganiello for the role of Alcide Herveaux, an Alabama contractor who happens to be a werewolf, the 6′5″ actor had three months to prepare before filming. Since the Mt. Lebanon, PA, native laid the foundation for his current Hollywood success in the weight room, Manganiello was more than up for the challenge. As one of the few actors working in Hollywood with a physique worthy of an action star, the response from his female fans keeps him motivated.

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“I had a friend of mine call me and tell me that it was a girl’s birthday in his office, and they got her a cake with my picture on it. A year ago I wasn’t on anybody’s cake. It makes me feel really good, and it makes me want to work even harder from a fitness standpoint.”

As for his workout, Joe says, “I’m 220 pounds on the nose. Funny thing is, everyone keeps saying, ‘How much weight did you lose? You look so much thinner!’ But all my measurements have gone up. My waist is two inches smaller, but my shoulders, arms, and chest have all gone up. That’s how I know it’s working.”

Check out all of Joe’s hotness in the gallery!

(via TrueBlood News)